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Privacy policy and cookie policy

§ 1
Any capitalised terms will have the meaning defined in the Terms and Conditions of the online store, whereas the term “you” (the Customer) will mean, depending on the context, a customer or Internet user visiting the website of the Store.

§ 2
The Seller implements his Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”.

§ 3
1. In order to create an account at the Store, you will have to fill in a suitable form. You will have to provide specific personal data.
2. Providing your personal data in the form is voluntary, but it is necessary in order to create your Account and in order for the Seller to provide services by electronic means to you. If you do not provide these data, the Seller will be unable to provide these services.
3. You may also contact the Seller using suitable contact details provided at the website of the Store, e.g. e-mail address or phone number. Personal data, e.g. e-mail address, will also be provided in such correspondence.
4. All personal data you enter in the form or specify during your contact with the Seller will be processed in line with the requirements of the law, in particular of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”.

§ 4
1. The Controller of your personal data is the Seller.
2. The Seller may transfer your collected personal data to another entity pursuant to a data processing agreement.

§ 5
The Seller advises you that recipients of your personal data will include the following:
a. entities responsible for hosting of personal data for the Seller,
b. entities that manage marketing activities, including entities providing the tools required to send marketing information,
c. operators of payments available at the Store,
d. suppliers of tools for analysis of traffic at the Store,
e. courier companies and postal operators.

§ 6
1. You have the right to access your personal data and verify or correct them or request that they be erased by submitting a suitable request to the Seller.
2. You also have the right to data portability and to restriction of the processing of your personal data. If your personal data are processed contrary to the law, you will have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.
3. You also have two kinds of the right to object to personal data processing, if your personal data are processed:
a) for direct marketing purposes – this objection does not require stating any reasons;
b) pursuant to other legitimate interests of the Seller – this objection requires you to provide reasons by describing your particular situation.

§ 7
1. The Seller processes your personal data and uses them where necessary and appropriate to:
a. perform the services offered via the Store, including consideration of complaints;
b. let you exercise your rights arising from the so-called right to refund, i.e. the right to withdraw from a distance contract;
c. reply to your enquiries or solve a problem reported to the Seller during your contact with the Seller;
d. conduct marketing activities.
2. The lawful basis for the processing of your personal data is Article 6(1)(b), (c) and (f) of the GDPR. It is a legitimate interest of the Seller to conduct marketing of its own services and of the Seller itself, to reply to your enquiries, to solve your problem and also to analyse if you read the newsletter and check which contents are of particular interest to you and accordingly customise the contents of the newsletter to match your interests.
3. If you give an additional, optional consent in a separate declaration, the Seller will be entitled to send newsletters to the indicated e-mail addresses, including information on new goods and promotional campaigns, including information sent via terminal equipment (e.g. computer, server) and automated calling systems. If you give such a consent, the lawful basis for the processing of your personal data will be Article 10 of the Electronic Services Act dated 18 July 2002 or Article 172 of the Telecommunications Law Act of 16 July 2004. If you give such a consent, you will be able to withdraw it later at any time. Withdrawal of your consent will not affect lawfulness of personal data processing done before the withdrawal.

§ 8
Your personal data will be processed for the duration of the period necessary for the Seller to provide services to you, and after the provision of the services is over – for the time necessary to prove that the Seller's obligations towards you have been correctly performed. This period will correspond to the length of the limitation period for claims and tax liabilities. Personal data processed in order to conduct marketing activities will be processed for as long as the Seller performs such activities or until you object to further processing of your personal for marketing purposes or withdraw your consent to receive marketing information to your e-mail address. Your personal data processed in relation to your contact with the Seller will be processed for the time required to reply to your enquiry and solve the relevant problem. Your personal data processed in relation to the exercise of your right to withdraw from a distance contract, i.e. the so-called right to refund, will be processed for the period required to prove correct performance of the obligations arising from this right, which corresponds to the duration of the limitation period for claims.

§ 9
The Seller uses technical measures required by the current personal data protection laws to prevent the personal data sent electronically from being acquired and modified by unauthorised persons.

§ 10
You may contact the Seller anonymously or using a pseudonym. However, correspondence relating to certain matters may require you to provide your personal data.

§ 11
1. The Store uses cookies, i.e. small text files kept on your terminal device (e.g. computer, table, smartphone). Cookies may be read by the Seller's ICT system.
2. The Seller keeps cookies on your terminal device and then gains access to information in the cookies for the following purposes:
a. marketing purposes – collecting information about the actions you have taken at the Store, i.e. the links you have clicked and web pages of the Store you have visited, customising Store contents to match your interests and needs, including generating customised contents;
b. operation of visitor counters, using surveys and remembering the language you select;
c. maintaining your session to prevent you from having to re-enter the login and password on every web page of the Store;
d.  for statistical purposes, in particular to enable the Seller to analyse the way you use the Store.

§ 12
1. The Seller also advises that your web browser can be configured in a manner that prevents storage of cookies on your terminal device.
2. The Seller also advises that you can delete cookies after they have been saved by the Seller using: suitable functions of the web browser, dedicated software or suitable tools provided by your operating system.
3. The following links contain information about the ways in which you can delete cookies in the most popular web browsers:
- Firefox:,
- Opera:,
- Internet Explorer:,
- Chrome:
- Safari:

§ 13
The Seller also advises that any change of your web browser that prevents or restricts cookie storage on your terminal device may limit the functionality of the provided services. The same consequences may follow if you delete cookies during provision of the service.

§ 14
Cookies kept on your device may also be used by third parties cooperating with the Seller.

§ 15
1. If you have any questions and opinions regarding the Policy, send them to the following e-mail address:
2. The Policy can be found at the following website:  and at the Seller's registered office.